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LCL cargoes delivery

If you have a small lot of goods, you do not need the whole container.

In this case we offer you a LCL delivery services LCL (LCL) cargoes  to Ukraine from Asia, America and Europe.

LCL shipment — is the delivery of small lots of cargoes from various shippers to various consignees in one container.

LCL shipments allow to decrease teh cost of delivery.

LCL (Less Container Load) — less than the whole container, the combined cargo;

The logistics for LCL cargoes

  • collecting the LCL cargo from the shipper's warehouse to the consolidated LCl warehouse of the shipping line.
  • Cargo processing at the consolidated warehouse which might include additional packing, etc.
  • The customs clearance of the goods, documents processing.
  • LCL cargoes delivery by the automobile, sea and avia transport.
  • THe customs clearance at destination,
  • processing the necessary documents etc.
  • Cargo delivery to the indicated destination address.