Calculation request
Oversized and complex cargoes

One of our main priorities is a transportation of andnbsp; customs clearance of the oversized and complex equpment like:

  • The special equipment (self-propelled and not self-propelled wheeled or crawlered);
  • Concrete products and constructions;
  • The industrial equipment, piece goods in the package (e.g., in boxes of various sizes and made of various materials);
  • Oversized and heav cargoes, plants, presses etc.;
  • Complexes (plants, factories etc.)
  • Yachts, boats.

Our knowledge and experience allow us to solve the dfficult issues easily and precisely.

Each supply of such cargoes is calculated by us separately from A to Z., in details:

  • ;
  • The code for customs is determined;
  • THe correct cargo description is composed (This is a very importanet issue);
  • All the necessary permits, certificates are collected etc.
  • THe process of agreement with hte custpoms and the price defence for the equipment in case the customs is not agreed upon the price stated in the invoice.
  • The special transport adjustment
  • Customs clearance and release.

On the first hand, this procedure is almost the same as for the other goods. On the other hand, thsi is not so. This is a time-consuming process which requires the special  accuracy, customs knowledge, logistics and technology skills. Any error can lead to cargo delay and huge financial losses.
However, we – are professionals in our field.
Working with us means getting the best prime cost.