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Sea transportation

Sea transportation — is one of the cheapest, effective and widespread modes of cargo delvery.
Our team – is a logistics «professional», wiht many years of experience.
Due to drect contracts with the shipping lines, ports Odessa and Ilyichevsk, having a dense agency network in various countries and ports, we are able to offer you the best prices, the best logstics scheme for your cargoes by means of:

  • Contaner transportation  — is a system of module loading and transportation of various cargoes by use of a standard mode - the shipping CONTAINERS.

Containers are used for the majority of transportation (equpment, raw materals, etc.)

  • General cargoes.

Ths mode s used for the cargoes which cannot be shipped in containers due to their volume and/ or weight:

  • Movable equipment (both self-propelled and not self-propelled, wheeled and crawlered);
  • Large equipment;
  • Concrete products and constructons;
  • The cargo in transporting packages;
  • Piece goods in the packing (e.g., in boxes of various sizes, of various materals);
  • Oversized and heavy cargoes;
  • Varous types of timber (boards, lumber, plywood etc.)
  • Cement, non-ferrous metal ores and concentrates in big bags.
  • By the way, containers also belong to general cargo.