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TRANSIT  of cargoes to Russia, Moldova, Pridnestrovye, Georgia, Azerbaijan, other  CIS contries.
After the container has arrved to the port, we can transfer it:

  • by  automobile container truck,
  • railways
  • unstuff the container and deliver its cargo by the tented automobile, including that with refrigerator.

Our team – consists of the experienced professionals.

Making TRANSIT with us wll be  quick and precise – as a good working  clock.

We shall perform all customs duties, receive all the necessary permits  and provide  financial guaranties.


Transit is such a customs regime under which the cargoes and the transport means are transfered through the territory of Ukraine under the customs control. These cargoes or goods should not be used in Ukraine

The goods which are transfered as transit goods should:

  1. stay in the unchanged condition apart from natural changes and loss during the regular transportation and storage conditions;
  2. not be used on the Ukrainian territory with any reason apart from the transit;
  3. in cases determined by the Ukrainian law be transfered under the transit permits through the territory of Ukraine whihc is issued by the corresponding authority;
  4. in cases determined by the Ukrainian Cabinet, be transfered according to the prescribed route;
  5. be delivered to the customs post in time determined by this particular type of the cargoes, route and transport means etc.
    It is necessary to state that for some cargoes customs guarantees should be provided about the cargo's delivery in time and not discharging within  Ukraine.