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Surveyor's services

 How the cargo inspection is done at the time of the cargo dspatch you can see here: SURVEYOR'S REPORT 

We can offer you a service   of the surveyor.

It includes the qualty control of the whole shipping company and the control over goods qualty.

After the inspection we provide you  a SURVEYOR'S REPORT , which reflects the whole infrmation in details.

Many companies which buy goods in China use our agents as a quality control service.
Our agent opens every package and rejects the goods of improper quality at the time of dispatch.

The surveyor is (eng. surveyor)  a term for the inspector or the agent who inspects the cargo or the goods before its shipping (dispatch).

On the bass of the inspection, the surveyor determines  the quantity and the quality of the goods, transport suitability for the shipment of cargoes.

The rule is that such an inspection should be done at the point of the cargo ownership transfer from the seller to the buyer.