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THe forwarding services – IMPORT

Suppose, you are expecting a cargo at the port. What will you do? TH answer is obvious.

You need to contact us as soon as possible  by ANY means.

Our staff is highly professional and experienced. We have direct contracts with the ports, CYs, terminals, shipping lines, insurance companies  etc.  

Our job is to do all services with maximum quickness and at the cheap rate in order to transfer the Bill of Lading and the commercial invoice you have in hands into the goods at your warehouse.

 We do our job quickly and professionally.

All you need is to concolude a contract with us, provide us all the necessary documents and wait for your cargo at your warehouse.


The cargo forwarding at the port includes the whole complex of services:

  1. Documents preparing and processingat all offices.
  2. Payment of all the fees and duties, terminal fees, shipping line fees, liner agents services , terminal handling charges (THC) etc.
  3. Additional cargo processing – weighing, X-ray, inspecting, sampling, marking, transshipment, etc.
  4. Ordering the special transport, transshipment equipment.
  5. Cargo release from the port and its delivery to the destination.

In any partifcular case we , can offer you the best option of the delivery including all the requirements and wishes.