Calculation request

The forwarding –  export.
Now, that it is. The foreign client wishes to buy your goods. The quality is excellent, conditions are suitable. All what is needed is to make a proper price.

How to do that correctly? How to ship the goods for export ? The answer is obvious.

You need to contact us   BY ANY means.

Our staff consists of experienced professionals. We shall consult you on all the necessary documents for your goods export.

Having  direct contracts with Odessa and Ilyichevsk ports, CYs, shipping lines, insurance companies  etc. we shall forward your cargo smoothly and quickly, in time.

Our job is to perform the forwarding services at the port with maximum care and quickness at the cheapest price.

 We do that skillfully.

To do that we need to conclude the contract, to provide the necessary documents, to ship your goods, and expect your buy'er payment.

The forwarding services for the goods at the port includes the following:

  1. prepparing documents for their further quick and precise processing through all the offices.
  2. Payment of all state fees, port, CY and terminal duties, liner agents' services , terminal handling charges (THC) etc.
  3. Additional processing of the cargoes – weighing, X-ray, unstuffing, presenting for customs inspection, sampling, marking, packing, transshipment etc.
  4. Ordering the special transport, transshipment equipment at CY.
  5. Sea transportation of your cargo  to the buyer.

In any particular case, we shall offer you the best option for your cargo delivery including all the requirements and your wishes!