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TRANSIT  of goods to Russia, Moldova, Pridnestrovye (Transnistria), Georgia, Azerbaijan,   other CIS countries.
Forget about transit through Hamburg, Gdynia, etc. 
After your cargo arrives to the port, we can transfer it:

  • На  by auto track (container track),
  • by railways
  • to discharge the container and deliver your cargo by the tented auto, by the refrigerated auto.

Our team – of professionals has many years of experience.
Makaing TRANSIT with us means  quick and neat, it works as reliable good  clock.
We shall do all the necessary customs duties and get all the necessary documents and permit  and provide  the financial guaraties.


Transit – is a customs regime under which the goods and transport means are tranfered through the Ukrainian customs territory under the customs control.

The goods which are transfered as transit goods should:

  1. remain unchanged, excluding natural changes of wear and loss in normal transport conditions and storage;
  2. not be used on the territory of Ukraine with whatsoever purpose apart from transit;
  3. in cases specified by the Ukrainmian law they should be transfered under the proper permits for transit through the territory of Ukraine issued by the authorized body;
  4. be transfered by the determined routes;
  5. be delivered to the customs by the determined time which is approved by the law in accordance with the transport mode, route, distance etc.

It is vital that some cargos groups require guaranties to be presented to the customs that the goods will be supplied to the customs and not discharged in  Ukraine.