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Customs clearance calculation

Expenses, payments to the budget and the correct calculation of all customs expenses.

In this section of our website you can calculate the correct! expensesfor your cargo, the commodity's prime cost  for import/export. Or to put in other words   - «the cost of customs clearance»

1. The transport expenses – are the second «most important» part of the import cargo prime cost.

When you ask your seller about hte price, please ask all details about the delivery terms and make sure the price you are told about is correct.  Otherwise, you will have unpleasant surprise later.
The main transport expenses for import cargoes:

  1. THe trabsport expenses in the origin country:
    1. The track to the port (CY).
    2.  customs clearance for export, licenses.
    3.  Cy expenses (loading expenses, forwarding services, CY services)

  2.  Sea freight (sea transportation of the containers and the general cargo).

  3. Transport expenses in the destination country.
    1. CY expenses (discharging expenses, forwarding, CY services)
    2. Customs clearacne in Ukraine, various permits)
    3. tracking to your warehouse.

For the automobile delivery, the procedure is somewhat easier:

  • Customs clearance in the origin country, licenses.
  • The international auto transportation.
  • Customs clearance in Ukraine, various permits)

Our team will be delighted to assist you in details calculate expenses.


2. The most «difficult» expenses part – is the fee to the budget.

If you know the commodity code, its cost (including its delivery to the Ukrainian  border) you can calculate the ammount easily, the customs fees and duties as well as VAT.

However, please remember that the final cost «Mytna Vartist'» for your contract is determined by the customs authority. You need to prove your cost presenting the necessary documents. Otherwise the customs will stipulate its own «above average » cost ($/kg.)  for your commodity.