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Organizing the export of the cargoes – if one of our most favourite  issues.

  • The first, – this  is the support of the national manufacturer, the pride for our country,
  • The second, this is an incoming foreign currency flow into Ukraine.
  • The most important of this all is – that export cargoes have a huge priority in Ukraine, in both CY and customs.

All these makes the export procedure quick and pleasant to perform.

The list of documents needed for the export cargoes  - you can find HERE.

To make a preliminary calculation of the customs clearance HERE 

Our specialists will provide you free detailed  calculation of the expenses which will arise for your export cargo.

All you need is to contact us in section CONTACTSor fill in  the form INQUIRY.

 The customs regime «RE-EXPORT» should be discussed separately. Every case is unique and requires a specific attention.

Export -  is a customs regime in which  the goods are taken outside the customs territory of Ukraine,  without obligation to return them to Ukraine and without any condition of their use outside Ukraine. 

For the Export - The exporter  or the customs broker should perform the following procedures:

  1. to provide all the necessary documents to the customs as well as all financial, transport   documents which confirm the export conditions for these goods.
  2. To provide all  the documents, permits, which are requested by the law (non-tariff regulation), such as: Grain Quality Passport, Export License (for  the goods which require licensing),  sanitary resolutions, veterinary permits, phytosanitary certificate  The Ukrainian National Statistics  etc.).   
  3. To pay all  the dues and taxes if applicable in accordance with the Ukrainian law ;