Calculation request
The list of documents

The documents needed for IMPORT customs clearance:

  • From the shipper–The Invoice (COMMERCIAL INVOICE) – 2 originals + translation. ( the original is desirable to assure in the origin country's Chamber of Commerce in order to confirm the goods customs value).
  • From the shipper – the shipping document (TIR, CMR or Bill of Lading.
  • From the shipper –The Proforma of the Invoice (PROFORMA  INVOICE)- in case the bank transfer of the foregn currency was made in accordance with this document.
  • From the shipper -The Packing liast (PACKING LIST).
  • From the shipper -The Contract – original (desirable to be assured at the origin country's Chamber of Commerce).
  • From the shipper -The Certificate of Origin forms А, СТ-1 (or any other forms).
  • From the shipper -The Export declaration (the original or a copy). From the Importer - The importer's accreditation card (a scanned copy), .
  • From the Importer - VAT Certificate, Statistics, Registration (for the Contract conclusion between the two companies).
  • From the Importer - Payment orders of the foreign currency money transfers in accordance with the Contract (a scanned copy).
  • From the Importer - The brokerage contract, the transport contract, the reference about the transportation cost until the Ukrainian border from the carrier.
  • From the Importer – Sanitary resolution, The Ukrainian National certification system, the veterinary certificate  and other permiting documents if needed. 

To justify the customs value по  art. 53 The Ukrainian Customs Legislation

The following documents are needed:

  • From the Importer– The information reference about the value from the stock exchange, the Chamber of Commerce or other authorized organizations.
  • From the shipper (in case of the direct contact with the manufacturer) -The calculation of the goods value with indication of the prices and expenses on energy and supplies. (It is advisable to assure it in the origin country's Chamber of Commerce)
  • From the shipper(trader) -The primary accounting documents for the goods purchase на покупку товара, including the incoming bills for the supplies and energy.
  • From the shipper - The manufacturer's catalogue. The link to the website of the manufacturer with the prices.
  • From the shipper - The Tax Registration and Customs Registration certificates,  the dispatcher's company
  • From the shipper - The export price list with the full list of goods, it is good to assure in the Chamber of Commerce or in the stock exchange of the origin country.

The documents needed for the customs processing:

  • The Invoice in 3 originals
  • The packing list  
  • The Contract (the original and the copy certified by the stamp)
  • The accreditation card, the original and the copy
  • Veterinary, phytosanitary certificate or other documents of the non-tarigg regulation required by the law.
  • The contract with the carrier company.
  • The reference of the transport expenses until the Ukrainian border.
  • The transport document (TIR, CMR or Bill of lading) stamped by the carrier company stated in the Contract.
  • The documents confirming the origin of the goods (the copy of import declaration, the tax bill,      the expenses bill etc.)
  • The Certificate of Origin, form А, СТ-1 from the Chamber of Commerce.