Calculation request

Dear partners, exporters and importers, all foreign trade participants,
Many years of experience and strong contacts allow us to offer you services on clearance of permits (non-tariff regulation):

Health Ministry
- Processing snitary permits (turnaround time 4-7 days)

The Ukrainian National Certification System
- Processing compliance declarations (turnaround time 1 day)
- Processing Compliance Certificates (turnaround time up to 3 days)
- Processing «mounting permits», with the further compliance certificate issue. 
(for equipment)
- Processing «decisions that the goods is not subjected to certification»
(turnaround time is more than 1 day)
- Certification of elevators, lifting equipment and special equipment.

The Ministry of Agrarian Policy (phytosanitary control)
- Processing quarantine permit for import
- Phytosanitary Certificate including a laboratory.
- Veterinary certificate (Form 2) including a laboratory.

Ministry Of Fincnaces of Ukraine.
- A hemological resolution.
- An expert resulution on goods value, equipment, automobiles. (The price reference)

Export control
- The exprt's resolution on military and dual-use goods