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Our work –  is to make the best possible cost of your goods.

We do that with the help of:

1)     Maritime container transportation.

The direct contracts with the carriers and our own network of agents in all main ports worldwide will allow us to offer you the best possible rates for sea freight.

2)     Forwarding services at Odessa/ Ilyichevsk CYs.

The direct contracts with the ports and CYs as well as customs complexes and warehouses will allow to perform all duties quickly and to delivery your cargo in all regimes Import, Export, Transit. 

3)     Customs clearance. 

Strong customs professionals, former customs officers, our specialists will perform all formalities smoothly and quickly. We will prepare all the required documents  (certificates of correspondence, sanitary resolutions, gemology and phytosanitary certificates, veterinary certificate, the costs report etc.). We defend the customs value for all cargoes under the direct contract. We also offer free consultations.

We are the first hand, our team is in a direct contact with the customs and Cy authorities. We can make the best possible financial and logistics scheme to achieve the best possible cost of your goods.

                                                  Our interesting and profitable offers:

a)     For the foreign companies:

  You can sell your goods on DDU after the customs clearance and delivery costs included in a single lot to a single buyer or in several lots from the customs warehouse to various buyers at different times. Your clients can get the good price for   a small lot of goods without necessity to freeze large amounts for the whole lot.

b)   For the private entrepreners:

You are trading in a shop or at the market importing the goods without proper documents. One day you get a check out and start to "solve problems" Forget that!. We Offer you a totally transparent WHITE importing scheme for your cargoes.

You get your cargo fully cleared at customs with all the necessary documents, sanitary certificates, with the full package for tax inspection.   

c)     For the major customers with the constant flow of goods:

You have a constant flow of cargoes through the ports of Odessa/ Ilyichevsk. From time to time you change the partners and look for good rates. We have a special offer for you:

You pay us a wage once a month(a monthly fee) and you forget all the problems with the customs and CY. Your problems become ours at a small fee.

We are better than others, because of the following:


  • The perfect location of Odessa and Ilyichevsk ports allows to proceed the cargo at Odessa/ Ilyichevsk CY and forward it to any part of Ukraine either in a single lot or in partial lots using warehouses. You can deliver your cargo in any regime, Import Export, Transit easily.
  • Our network of logistics giant partners in the main worldwide ports in USA, Europe, Southeast Asia, Turkey, CIS.
  • the direct contacts with the carriers and exclusive sea rates.
  • The whole complex of services in one hand, under a single roof (customs clearance, forwarding, delivery) means minimum expenses for delivery and customs clearance.
  • Our team consists of upper class professionals only.